Monday, June 28, 2010

Been a While...

It's been a while. Nothing exciting has happened and I haven't baked anything worth mentioning, but I felt like I needed to share.

When I bake I don't just bake for me. I bake for those whom I share my treats with. I want people to enjoy something delicious. I want them to taste the joy and love that put in to everything I make.

This weekend I made 4 dozen cupcakes (with a fish/beach theme) for hubby's work beach party. I stayed up late on Friday night to make them extra cute. I left them on the counter Saturday morning when I left for work so that he could them to the party. He forgot them...I was heart broken. He forgets EVERYTHING, so I shouldn't be surprised, but it still hurt and I still am. Maybe I am being dramatic, but it hurt. It was like a slap in the face and he doesn't get it. He doesn't see that he did anything wrong. Maybe I am being dramatic, but I'm hurt.