Friday, January 28, 2011

Military Spouse Friday Fill-in

It's Friday again, which means it's time for another MilSpouse Friday Fill-in!

1. If you were a famous movie star, what types of movies would you star in?

Probably a romantic comedy or a romance or something. Although, it would be fun to do stunts. You know, like a really fast car chase or jumping off a building (only because I know that you get to land in a giant inflatable pillow and they really aren't that high up. As long as my co star was a gorgeous man, I wouldn't care what it was!

2. What is a vacation you would like to take if money were no object?
If money were no object I would take a REALLY long vacation. First I would enjoy the sun in the Caribbean, then I would see Spain and France. From there I would go Italy, then Australia and Bali and then I would finish the trip with a stay in Tahiti. Really, if money weren't an issue I would see the world. 

3. Did you have pets growing up?

I had bunny rabbits as a kid and I had fish. We had a pretty cool fish tank with a bunch of fish. As an adult I felt like I missed out on having a dog (my mom is severely allergic) so I got a dog. That didn't last too long though because as it turns out...I am severely allergic to dogs too. Thankfully she went to live with my hubby's parents, so I still get to see her from time to time.

4.What do you do for exercise?'s not favorite thing to do, but I walk and do yoga. I also have a Shaun T hip hop work out video that I hide in my basement and do. Don't's fun. And don't tell anyone about that either! My husband doesn't even know I do it. I wait till he is at work LOL!

5. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received as a MilSpouse?

To be honest, I hate it when people try to give me advice about being a MilSpouse. Usually the people who like to give advice are the people who not a MilSpouse or are not in the military themselves. Sorry, but I don't want to hear about what you did when your husband went away for a week long business trip to Cleveland. It is absolutely nothing like sending your husband off to Iraq or Afghanistan. I guess the best (only) advice that I can remember is to take time for yourself. As a MilSpouse you do most things on your own and you take of your children and your spouse and the household, but make sure that you take care of yourself too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Military Spouse Friday Fill-in

It's time again for a military spouse Friday Fill-in. This is a regular Friday occurrence over at Wife of a Sailors blog...

What do you usually want to know about someone when meeting them for the first time?
It all depends on where and how I meet them. Generally as long as I know their name I am happy. The rest comes with conversation.

Would you rather know everything about your spouse, or be regularly surprised?
I know all the big stuff, and the little things are fun to find out. We have been together 7 years and he still surprises me sometimes. That's why I love the man!  

If you could live in one city for the rest of your life, where would you live?
I don't think I would like to live in any one city for the rest of my life. There are many places that I have enjoyed, but I love to travel and move around. As long as I have my family and the ability to visit other wonderful places I will be happy. But, if I had to pick a place I guess I would pick San Diego, South West Colorado, or the Virginia coast.  

When you go out of town, what one material thing do you ALWAYS take?
I always take my Ipod...always have to have good tunes!   

Using no more than 10 nouns, and ONLY nouns, describe yourself.
I guess 6 is all you get...I can't think of anything else.