Monday, May 3, 2010

I am a control freak

I made scones tonight...they turned out really good. There is something about making dough with your hands that feels right. You are in total control. There is nothing else to mix the dough except for your hands.

I like to feel like I am in control.

These scones turned out perfect. They are tender and moist, just the way a scone should be.

There isn't much in life that you can control, but when that one thing comes along, it feels good. After a week of drama and garbage the control was nice. Plus, the dough couldn't talk back to me. It was peaceful.

When I bake I feel whole. I feel like I belong. When I was in culinary school I truly felt like I belonged there...I just want to feel like I belong somewhere else too.

At least we have determined that I am a control freak. But, what can I say...when I can't control life, at least I can control my baked goods and I belong in the kitchen.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Cake For You

I hate making sheet cakes.

I especially hate making sheet cakes for an old employer. Whenever I make cakes for this person something goes wrong. I usually end up having at least one nervous breakdown and 2 huge mistakes before I finish. Plus, she usually only gives me a few days notice to make multiple cakes or it takes her forever to pay me, or she shorts me on $$.

Last time I gave her an ultimatum...I told her that I needed at least 2 weeks notice and that I absolutely, no questions asked, had to be payed at the time of delivery.

That worked this time...or so I thought.

I was SO excited because I finished the cakes with no huge problems and NO nervous breakdowns!!

As I put the last cake in her office, she says to me, "Oh, I forgot to get a check for you...can you wait until the checkbook gets here?"

HELLO...I said I had to be paid at THE TIME OF DELIVERY!!!

I waited for 30 minutes and the guy still hadn't shown up to pay me, so now I have to drive all the way back up there to get my $$ in a few days!

That is the LAST time I make cake for them.

Moral of the story...Pay me and appreciate the cake or NO CAKE FOR YOU.