Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Cake For You

I hate making sheet cakes.

I especially hate making sheet cakes for an old employer. Whenever I make cakes for this person something goes wrong. I usually end up having at least one nervous breakdown and 2 huge mistakes before I finish. Plus, she usually only gives me a few days notice to make multiple cakes or it takes her forever to pay me, or she shorts me on $$.

Last time I gave her an ultimatum...I told her that I needed at least 2 weeks notice and that I absolutely, no questions asked, had to be payed at the time of delivery.

That worked this time...or so I thought.

I was SO excited because I finished the cakes with no huge problems and NO nervous breakdowns!!

As I put the last cake in her office, she says to me, "Oh, I forgot to get a check for you...can you wait until the checkbook gets here?"

HELLO...I said I had to be paid at THE TIME OF DELIVERY!!!

I waited for 30 minutes and the guy still hadn't shown up to pay me, so now I have to drive all the way back up there to get my $$ in a few days!

That is the LAST time I make cake for them.

Moral of the story...Pay me and appreciate the cake or NO CAKE FOR YOU.

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