Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hope and Cookies

Well...It's official. As of March 28 I will be considered a college drop out. The paperwork is done and they are in the process of closing my account at The Art Institute. At least I get to finish this quarter, though, knowing I can't go back is making it hard for me to put my heart into it.

After telling a friend about not being able to afford school, she and her husband have come up with a plan for me to raise money to go back. The first suggestion was to host a fundraiser dinner...too bad I don't know anyone rich to invite. The next suggestion was to sell cookies online. I have joked about this for a while but I never thought it was possible. My friend, however, showed me where I can do it and that it is possible. So, I am currently working on some examples of cookies and I am going to give it a try. Maybe it will make me some money and maybe it won't, but just the idea gave me some hope.

Here's hoping I sell LOTS of cookies!

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