Friday, November 26, 2010

We Did It!!

Well kids...It's done! We have floors!

It took two and a half weeks of blood, sweat, and tears and we have floors (I only cut myself 4 times in the process of putting these floors in, I cried when it got to be exhausting and frustrating!). We still have to put in the trim, but we have functional floors and I can actually start unpacking.

If you ever find yourself saying, "Hey, I think I want to put new floors in my house. I should go buy them and install them myself." STOP!!! Go home and save your money just a little bit longer until you can afford to pay to have them installed.

Home Depot tells you, that you can put these floors down in a weekend. They lied. it took us two weeks...TWO!

It all started with 36 boxes of flooring. You have to let it rest in your house for 2-3 days before you can put it down. I went out and I bought a laminate saw to cut the wood. It didn't work. The only other option we had that wasn't a power tool was a hand saw, so I bought one. That didn't work either because you can't get good cuts with a hand saw. So, I broke down and bought a table saw...That was all fine and dandy except for the fact that I am TERRIFIED of power tools! It worked when my mom was in town and she could use it and when the husband was home from work, but I couldn't work while everyone was gone. I decided to Man up and just use it, but then I got yelled at for using it while no one was home...

After 2 weeks of nagging my husband and countless trips to the hardware store...we are done! The trim will be in before Christmas, but for are a few pictures.

Living Room Carpet Before

Dining Room Carpet Before

That's what's under carpet! Gross!

The ugly (and poorly taken care of) wood floors that were under the carpet

Our BEAUTIFUL new floors!!! So much work, but in the end they are totally worth it, because they look SO good!

And now, I am siting by the fire with my husband, enjoying our new floors!


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