Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Closet...

I love our new house, but there is one major flaw...THE CLOSET!

I am a girl, so naturally I have a lot of clothes. My husband doesn't have a ton of clothes, but he does have to wear a dress uniform to work everyday, so he has a lot of uniforms. This has presented us with a dilemma. Who gets the closet space?

Watch this video all the way to end to see what our closet is like...

The only problem is that our SMALLER than that one! I lovingly refer to our closet as our future reason for divorce. (It's a joke, of course!)

I tried to put my clothes away today, but now they are just folded neatly in a pile on my bedroom floor (since I can't have a closet like this). Tomorrow, hubby's clothes are getting folded and I am commandeering the closet!! :)

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