Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rainbows and Butterflys

I haven't blogged in a while. I started a post about 10 times and then I would delete it. I am just not sure how (or if I want to) say what I want to say. BUT...I have been baking A LOT lately and I have a few pictures to share.

I haven't updated since before Christmas so we will start there. Every year I make like 15 dozen Christmas cookies. This year I made Christmas light cookies (among others).

My in-laws came to town for Chistmas (and Thanksgiving and hubby's birthday!) so I wanted to make a special dessert.

I made this Christmas cake, but I over cooked the cake so it got a little brown on the outside. I filled the inside with chocolate and caramel mousse.

Then I topped it with whipped cream

After Christmas I needed to escape life for a while so I headed in to the kitchen. When I came out I had a German chocolate cake...it was AMAZING! (Not to toot my own horn or anything lol)

A few weeks ago I needed some more time in the kitchen, so I made croissants. I love to make croissants! You have to roll and fold the dough just right in order to get the perfect flaky croissant. Look at all the pretty layers!

I made a few Chocolate/hazelnut croissants and a a bunch of plain ones. My oven is broken, so they aren't as brown as the should be, but they taste great!

Last but not least...my Valentine's Day cake:

When life isn't all rainbows butterfly's...cake can be! :)

P.S. I know I messed up the colors, but by the time I noticed it, it was too late!

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