Friday, February 25, 2011

Military Spouse Friday Fill-in

Another week has passed and it is Friday again. This week kind of got away from me, but I did have a job interview today. Hopefully I will get some good news next week. Since it's Friday It's time for a Friday Fill-in, if you would like to take part in the fun head on over to Wife of a Sailor's blog and check it out.

Aside from no deployments, what is one thing you would want to make the MilSpouse life “perfect”? submitted by Oh How Delightful
I would like to be able to pick our duty stations. That would make it perfect. If I could pick where I was going to live I certainly wouldn't live in this place for another day!

Just how many peppers did Peter Piper pick? submitted by Married into Army
I have no idea...maybe we should ask can find her at the seashore selling her seashells.

If you could have any career in the world with nothing holding you back, what would you do? submitted by It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To
With nothing holding me back...nothing at all...I would be pastry chef. Or maybe a Princess...I've always wanted to be a princess.

Do you have a service oriented tattoo and if so what is it. If you don’t what would you get? submitted by The Squid’s Accomplice
I do not have a service oriented tattoo and I would never get one! In my opinion, that should be left for those who are actually in the service. I am married to a man who serves, but I do not and I don't let that define my life. I suppose if you really wanted to get a service tattoo that says Marine Wife, or whatever branch you are a part of, that's your call.

Imagine a block of time has opened up in your busy day for you to take a class in anything you like. What subject would you choose?  submitted by To The Nth.
Anything? Maybe a cooking class, or a language class, or a dance class (I have always wanted to learn how to dance, but I'm about as graceful as a bull in a china shop)

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