Friday, October 21, 2011

Gender Predictions

I blogged a few weeks ago about the gender predictions I have been doing. This week marks single digit weeks until Baby Squirrel makes it's appearance and I couldn't be more excited!

I decided to recap the gender predictions on this blog because in a few more weeks I am going to start a pool for people to guess Baby Squirrels gender and stats and the winner will get a gift from the babe!

Gender Predictions:

Chinese Gender Chart - BOY
 The chart tells you if it is a boy or girl based on your age, the year and when you concieved
Ring Test - BOY
 A wedding ring tied to a string will swing in circles when held over your belly if you are having a boy and back and forth if you are having a girl
Intelligender - BOY (I have PCOS, so of course it said boy!)
 A kit you buy at the drug store. You pee on some powder and see what color it turns, but it says right on the box it is not meant for people with PCOS...
Color of Pee - GIRL
 If your pee is a bright yellow you are having a boy and if it is a dull yellow you are having a girl
Moms Skin - BOY
 If mom has acne during pregnancy it is a girl and clear, glowing skin means boy
Ask a 5 Year Old - BOY
 5 year olds are very intuitive and they will tell you if it is a boy or girl
Toddler Boys - BOY
 If a toddler boy shows interest in an expectant mom she is having a girl, if the toddler boy shows no interest then she is having a boy
Clumsiness - BOY
 If a mom to be is extra clumsy she is having a boy, but if she is more graceful, she is having a girl
Needle Test - GIRL
 This is a complicated one that my mom did...she held a needle over my belly and asked questions. The needle moved according to the answer to each question. (I can explain better another day)
Boiled Cabbage - BOY
 Boil cabbage then add equal parts cabbage water and urine. If the liquid turns purple it's a girl and red it is a boy
Leg Hair - BOY
 If a mom to be has leg hair that grows like crazy it is a boy, if the hair is normal then it is a girl

Cravings - GIRL
 If you are craving salty things you are having a boy and sweet cravings means a girl
Sleeping Side - GIRL
 If you are more comfortable on your left side it signifies a boy and more comfortable on your right side signifies a girl
Dad's Weight Gain - GIRL
 If the dad to be gains weight you are having a girl and if he loses weight or stays the same, you are having a boy. In my husbands defense...he recently quit smoking (GO HIM!!) which could be the reason for the weight gain!

I have done 14 gender tests, 5 have said I'm having a GIRL and 9 have said I am having a BOY.

Right now the odds are saying it is a boy, but we will know for sure in 9 weeks!! I am so excited and I can't wait to meet my little squirrel! :)

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