Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where in the World is Wanna Be Baker? Day 3, 4 and 5

Where in the World is Wanna Be Baker?
Days 3, 4, and 5:

So, it’s been a few days, but there hasn’t been much to say…I mean seriously, have you ever seen Kansas?!? There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to look at…NOTHING!! LOOK:

We did drive through Colorado though…I would LOVE to go back there. It was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in the little town called Durango in Southeast Colorado, it was the cutest town ever! I wish I could put into words how absolutely breath taking this part of Colorado was.

Last night we stayed in Kansas City with some of the husband’s family. They were cute little old people, but boy can they talk! I have never met people that can talk so much! I guess his mom talks a lot too…it must run in the family. We said we were going to bed and finally over an hour later they stopped talking so I could go to sleep!! I know, I should be thankful to spend time with family, but I can only take so much.

Today after we drove in to St. Louis to see my cousin and his new baby for lunch we drove to Central Illinois and I went fishing!! I was only out on the dock for about 20 minutes and I got eaten alive by bugs!! Seriously, what have I gotten myself into? This is why I left the Midwest in the 1st place…heat, humidity and bugs! Our next assignment better be somewhere good! :)

Now for a few days of relaxing on the lake with the husband, aunt and uncle and mom! :)

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