Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting Over Myself

We moved to southern Indiana last October and it is no secret that I have had a hard time adjusting. We lived in San Diego before we moved and I was spoiled.

I loved living in San Diego! It's a gorgeous city and there is so much to do. I had some really great friend and I had great fun. I always knew that it was not permanent. Nothing is in the military. But, that didn't stop me from being sad when we moved.

I have been finding all the negative at every turn since we moved to Indiana, but last night I realized it is time to get over myself. That life here is not all that bad.

Our friends who live down the road invited us to a BBQ last night. A few of thier neighbors get together for the 4th of July every year. They have BBQ with tons of food and then set off fireworks after dark. In Indiana fireworks are more than just sparklers, bottle rockets and snap pops. You can buy the HUGE fireworks that shoot WAY into the sky.

The BBQ was fun, it was good food and it was fun and refreshing to just sit around and chat with friends. The defining moment for me was when we sitting outside waiting for the guys to start the fireworks.

It was humid, just sitting still your skin is a little sticky. The bugs were out so we were coated in bug spray. A couple of the kids were running around catching fire flies and putting them in a jar. Just as the sun set, they were ready to start the show. Everyone gathered together on the front lawn. We sat in the yard drinking sweet tea with the summer humidity leaving it's mark on our skin. As the fireworks were booming just above me I realized that this was perfect. Just how life should be.

And with that, I realized that instead of looking for reasons to be unhappy and dislike Southern Indiana I should be looking for the perfect moments like that.

Also, for what it's worth...the fireworks display last night rivaled that of many small towns!

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