Thursday, July 7, 2011

My WTF day!

Today has been a weird day, with a capitol W!


I started out my day by running a few errands. The first store I went to was a local business that sells cloth diapers and I wanted to check them out. The woman who owns the store brings her 5 sons to work every day. As I was looking at diapers, one of the little boys squatted next to me and peed on the floor...

Yep. He peed. On the floor. Next to me!

Courtesy of Goggle Images

I left.

As I was driving to the next store I needed to go to I witnessed an accident. Not a big deal in this town, it happens all the time, and yes, everyone was ok. But it just added to the day.

I ran a few more errands with no trouble, but then as I was heading to my mom's store with lunch I witnessed ANOTHER accident. This was only 45 minutes after the first one. And it was only about a half mile away. This time it was just two little old ladies, who were too old to be driving, that slammed into each other. Again, everyone was ok, but really...I had witness ANOTHER traffic accident?!

After lunch with my mom I went home. I got a few things done at home and I had just sat down on the couch to work on a new knitting project. Just as I sat down I noticed a little old lady walking up my front steps. I got up so I could answer the door, but she just walked in.

Yep! Walked right in my front door. No knocking. Just walked in.

As she came in the door she looked at me and said, "am I in the right place?"

Uhhh...NO. Get the HELL out of my house!

Turns out she was looking for the office up the road that has the same address as I do. I live at 555 S. Wannabbaker Rd and she needed 555 N. Wannabbaker Rd. It happens all the time, but no one has ever just walked into my house! Not to mention the fact that my house most definitely looks like a house. Not a business!

I very happily gave the crazy old lady intruder directions to the correct location. She argued with me briefly and then headed on her crazy way. 
As she was walking out the door I noticed she was wearing a name tag. The tag said Sister Crazy Lady. Ok, so it didn't say crazy lady, but it did say sister. 

She is a NUN!! A nun just barged into my house today!

Courtesy of Google Images
After I recovered from the crazy old lady nun walking onto my house I left to take dinner up to the husband at his office. As I was walking to my front door Santa Claus rode by on a bicycle wearing neon green bike shorts.

That's right folks...Santa Claus. In bike shorts.

I wish I had pictures of that!

AT this point I should have called it a night, but I didn't. I decided to go to Walmart...after dark.

There really are no words to describe what I saw. Here are a few visuals, but if you would like more, please check out The People of Walmart.

Courtesy of I did not take these photos

I couldn't even get what I went to Walmart for...I had to leave. And FAST!

When I got home I was informed that THIS was going on in my home town. The guy is has killed 7 people including his own daughter and is holding 2 people hostage while snorting some sort of powder.

That isn't happening directly to me, but it just adds to this crazy messed up day!

I am going to go crawl into bed and hide under the covers where I am safe! Tomorrow has to be more normal!


  1. Oh My God! So funny! I laughed out loud first when I read you address and this goes through my head "she shouldn't have put her address on here, I'll have to let her know, prob too crazy of a day to think straight. Hm, that's a fun address too. Oh. . ." and I love that the nun argued with you, ha. I'm not sure I've seen 2 accidents happen in the whole life! And WHAT were you thinking going to hick walmart, brought that on yourself sister ;)
    Oh, and did the little pee boy have said cloth diaper on bc if so you might not want to try that brand. Lol. You should start a baby blog so I can live vicariously through your excitement and shopping :)

  2. I've been laughing about this comment all morning! No, the little boy was not wearing a diaper lol he was wearing under pants and a tee shirt...weird. And, I knew going into Walmart it was going to be a mistake, but I needed to pick up some furniture I ordered...I didn't get the furniture, which means I have to go back...That could be a whole other blog post!!