Friday, December 3, 2010

The Great Christmas Card Hunt

The hunt for the perfect Christmas card is never easy! Every year I search and search to find just the right card to send. There was actually a year that I didn’t send cards because I couldn’t find one I liked. It has to have just the right picture and the perfect message on the inside.

I have never sent a photo card before because there was never anything to share a photo of. We don’t have kids, and I HATE to have my picture taken, so that had never really been an option for me. This year is different though. We still don’t have kids, but this year we have a house! We have a house that we own…it belongs to us. We are so proud of our house and we want to show it off. Of course we will be in the picture too, but we want to show everyone our home.

When I started thinking about photo cards I immediately thought of Shutterfly. They have the CUTEST Christmas and Holiday cards, and they have a ton to choose from. When you choose a card from Shutterfly you can include a personal message and you names. For an additional fee you can also have your cards sent to your friends and family directly from Shutterfly!

I have already picked out my cards for this year and I am SO excited to order them! I chose Peppermint Bliss so that we can share a few pictures of our new home! I love the colors and the layout, and the message inside is simple so that I can also include a personal message to each person. All I have to do is upload my photos and place the order.

Not only does Shutterfly have cute Christmas cards, but they have cards for all occasions, photo calendars and address labels. They also do photo books. I made a photo book for my husband so he could take it with him when he deployed with the Marines. That way he could always look at us and remember what was waiting for him at home! It turned out really cute and it was so easy to do!

Shutterfly is my new best friend and I will be ordering all my Christmas cards from them from now on!

This year, Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers. Check it out here!

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