Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello, My name is Beth and I am a foodie...

I have a problem.

I like food. (explains a few things, lol)

I like to make food and take pictures of it.

Baking is what I love to do, but I enjoy cooking too. It's more than cooking...it's creating. I like to try new things and mix things that don't always make sense. I havestarted keeping a camera in the kitchen so I can take pictures of what I cook, so that I can remember how/what I cooked.

Weird...I know!

Here comes the part where I share the pictures...it's weird, and I know that, but it's more for me, than anyone else.

Tonight for dinner I made a pesto chicken sandwich. I usually serve this with soup and I usually make my own pesto, but I cheated tonight. Sorry.

It's really easy to make and it's always good. It's just chicken tenders marinated in pesto and grilled. Then I put the chicken on ciabatta bread with mozzarella, arugula, and pesto mayo. The mozzarella is perfectly melty, and the arugula gives it just the right amount of pepper. I grill it in a pan like a grilled cheese, and VOILA...you have dinner! :)

 I took the picture while I was flipping it, but you get the idea :)

The Christmas cookie baking begins this weekend...I'll post pictures as I bake them. :)

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