Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top 10 things I have learned from Christmas movies

Top 10 things I have learned from Christmas movies:

1. That character in the movie whose name is Nick...He's Santa Claus! Even if he doesn't look like Santa (though, most of the time he does) he really IS Santa! Usually the guy has a belly full of jelly and a white beard, but no one seems to figure out who he really is. If he's jolly and called Nick, odds are...he's SANTA.

2. No matter what your husband or boy friend does, no matter how's ALWAYS ok in the end. Santa will always make everything better! Really. If he cheats (or she cheats), lies or does some other horrible thing Santa will make it better. He will probably send a note from one of you to the other and set up an unexpected meeting, and at this meeting you will realize how much you love the poor sap. Oh yeah, and you will both suddenly believe in Santa again.

3. You can always get home for Christmas, no matter what obstacles are in your way. Even if you don't want to get home. You may have to walk or hitch hike, but you will get there just in the nick (haha) of time. If you don't want to be home (lord knows some of us don't) you will still end up at home with your family. There will be a snow storm or some other disaster and you will be stuck.

4. Every has been/nobody actress get's their very own lifetime original Christmas movie. EVERYONE gets one. Check the Lifetime line up, if you don't believe me.

5. During the most romantic moments of the holidays it always snows. And it's not the kind of snow that whips through the air and pelts you in the face. It's the beautiful, peaceful, gently falling snow, and it's never just a few flurries it's a full blown snow storm (minus the crappy unpleasant part). When it's snowing during said romantic moment someone will always take a second to notice.

6. Santa's elves are socially awkward. They are not very good with human interaction, especially with women. Enough said.

7. Santa really CAN see you. Whether it's through a giant snow globe, a book or some other magical channel, and he can do this at ANY time...whenever he wants. It makes you want to think twice before you drop your drawers...

8.There is always a Christmas miracle...ALWAYS. No matter what. Big or small, there is ALWAYS a Christmas miracle.

9.During the holidays there is always a scrooge. There is always someone who is bitter and hates Christmas. By the time Christmas day rolls around, they usually get over themselves. That leads me to #10...

10. And last but not least...Just when you stop believing in Santa and lose the magic, he comes through for you. If you stopped believing in Santa because he didn't bring you a certain gift...he will deliver. Santa ALWAYS delivers.

There you have it folks...I got a Christmas education from the movies.

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